portraitI am a Senior Scientist at Technicolor in Rennes, France, where I have been working on VR, HDR and color related problems since 2013.

Originally from Greece, I did my studies in the UK (BSc at the University of Bath, PhD at the University of Bristol). For my PhD, I started working on image editing algorithms for artistic tools, while also getting interested in HDR. To better understand the fundamental differences between HDR and traditional images, I got into image statistics, which finally lead to a book, co-authored with Erik Reinhard and Douglas Cunningham. After my PhD, I moved to Germany, where I worked as a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, getting deeper into color and HDR, until I moved to France in 2013 to work at Technicolor Research & Innovation.

My work at Technicolor has focused on color and HDR and particularly on the tools and solutions that can facilitate HDR content creation, production and display. One key project I have worked on is the HDR Intelligent Tone Management, a solution for remastering existing content to HDR, which was recently awarded the Advanced Imaging Society‘s Lumière award.

I am currently leading the research activities around color management for immersive content production (VR/AR), working closely with the post-production teams at Technicolor LA and the Technicolor Experience Center.

My research interests include color management, perception, VR/AR, HDR, image statistics and image editing.

Contact: taniapouli [at] gmail.com