portraitI am a Senior Scientist at InterDigital, based in Rennes, France (previously Technicolor Research and Innovation), where I have been working on VR, HDR and color related problems since 2013.

Originally from Greece, I did my studies in the UK (BSc at the University of Bath, PhD at the University of Bristol). For my PhD, I started working on image editing algorithms for artistic tools, while also getting interested in HDR. To better understand the fundamental differences between HDR and traditional images, I got into image statistics, which finally lead to a book, co-authored with Erik Reinhard and Douglas Cunningham. After my PhD, I moved to Germany, where I worked as a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, getting deeper into color and HDR, until I moved to France in 2013 to work at Technicolor.

My work in recent years has focused on color and HDR and particularly on the tools and solutions that can facilitate HDR content creation, production and display. One key project I have worked on is the HDR Intelligent Tone Management, a solution for remastering existing content to HDR, which was awarded the Advanced Imaging Society‘s Lumière award. I have also led the research activities around color management for immersive content production (VR/AR), working closely with the post-production teams at Technicolor LA.

My research interests include color management, perception, VR/AR, HDR, image statistics and image editing.

Contact: taniapouli [at] gmail.com